Svadhisthana Chakra

or Sacral Chakra

Today we are tapping into foundational knowledge in relation to our Svadhistana chakra. Otherwise known as the sacral chakra. Throughout this blog post you will find that I go back and forth between both of these terms.

In the last blog post we touched on the key aspects of the Muladhara, or our root chakra. If you missed that post you can click here to start from the foundation of the chakra system. Just make sure to come back here and continue reading on afterwards!

Our spine is the gatekeeper of all of our chakras.

Each chakra center is located along our spinal column.

Circulating energy in a spiral like motion along our spine. As we move upwards along the vertebrae we reach the sacrum. This region of the body is located in the fifth segment of the lumbar spine. The sacrum has five segments fused together (S1-S5) in a triangle like shape between the hip bones. This anatomical information gives us a greater connection to the sacred areas govered by the svadhistana.

Svadhistana Essentials:

Location: At the sacrum. Covers the entire region of the hips, abdomen, and the reproductive organs. Starting just below the navel extending below the pubic bone.

Governs: Reproductive organs/genitals. Womb. Kidney. Bladder.

Element: Water

Themes: Self-esteem. Exploration of both passion and pleasure-sexually and or creatively. Encourages self growth through our emotional body.

Color: Orange

Mantra: Vam, I love and appreciate my body, I allow myself to experience pleasure, My emotions are messages

When Balanced: Adaptive to new situations and surroundings. Connected to ones own body, including sexuality. Explores pleasures of both life and body. Aware of emotions and willing to face personal feelings.

When Unbalanced: Disconnection or deep dislike of ones own body. Unable to express or face emotions that are present. Struggles with accepting the self.

Developmental stages for the svadhisthana chakra are from ages 1-2 years of age. This is during a cruicial point in our life where we begin to conciously understand the distinct difference between either pain or pleasure. Our boundaries begin to form at this stage in our life for both physical and emotional wellbeing through our experiences.

At this age we are already beginning to explore what provokes pain and what produces pleasure. This is both in sexual and non-sexual aspects of life. Pleasure can be expressed through laughter, feelings of joy, and learning new skills. In this stage of development we begin to understand and explore the body in various ways. Such as walking around more independently and exploring the world around us.

At this stage in our development we are still very vulnerable to our outter environment. Unsafe or tramatic experiences can really shape our relationship with our sacral chakra at any stage of our lives. Especially at this young age where experiences can be stored within the energy center, even if there is no concious recollection of memories.

Which is why connecting to our own feelings, which are related to our svadhistana, is crucial for healing our own trauma. Facing our own emotions is also a pathway towards reducing or preventing the chance of causing harm or traumatic experiences to another. A cruicial way to support the unraveling of trauma or difficult emotions is seeking out the help or guidance needed to make the journey a safe experience.

What is the significance of our reproductive organs?

The reason our reproductive organs are a major theme and focus for our sacral chakra is due to creation and birth.

All creation originates from energy within the svadhistana, fueled by both passion and desire to breathe life into new ideas or concepts. Without the energy to create, our life may become very routine or stagnent without much change. This can cause feelings of boredom, doubt, or falling into feelings of despaire.

Alternativley, without being fueled by a passion for this life our oppurtunity for creation can not come to full fruition. Our ideas will simply remain ideas, or projects will be remain unfinished or incomplete. Or we may struggle to tap into our natural creative abilities or ways to self express.

To birth life or new ideas, projects, lifestyles, businesses, or anything we must be connected to our creativity. The energy of creation is linked to our sexual energy as this is the the life force we were made with, the life force we are made of.

When our creativity comes to life there is a sense of passion behind our actions. Aligning with a deeper connection to our feelings and understanding of self. Connecting back into a space of relationship with our sacral chakra.

Sexual energy has the ability to enhance our creative flow. Our bodies are a container for expression through sex, dance, athletics, and art. Our very natural energies of the sacral chakra suppors our ability to express in physical and emotional ways. Supporting overall health and well being.

Our sacral chakra is about meeting both our physical and emotional bodies requirements to feel nourished and cared for.

Tapping into the energy stored within the Svadhistana is an incredible way to understand emotions as well as your own unique physical body. For most of us approching the sacral chakra can be very daunting. Or even scary based off of past experiences, personal actions, or traumas.

Always approach these suggested practices with a gentle respect for yourself. Under the support or guidance of a respected teacher, mentor, or practioner qualified who can specifically support you. Not every part of your journey has to be walked alone!

Explore on your own when you personally feel it is safe to do so.

Practices to support the Svadhisthana

Connecting to the physical body:

  • Body scan meditation
  • Mind to muscle connection during physical movement
  • Self or partner massage
  • Positive body affirmations
  • Swimming in the ocean or local pool
  • Self exploration
  • Trying a new sport or type of yoga
  • Power stances for promoting confidence
  • Self care through food, taking care of the body, and wearing clothing that makes you FEEL proud of the skin you are in!

Connecting to the emotional body:

  • Calling a loved one
  • Talk therapy
  • Journaling
  • Expressing emotions in healthy and safe ways
  • Allow yourself to feel
  • Art therapy

Self Esteem:

  • Joining local communities of people who share similar intrests
  • Use free or local tools to learn more/develope skill sets based on your intrests or hobbies (classes, courses, groups)
  • Take time out of each day to take care of you with FULL attention
  • Remove toxic relationships and behaviors
  • Work with someone you trust (mentor, therapist, coach) to provide a variety of tools and perspectives to heal how you view yourself
  • Take the risks you have dream of taking when possible

Mantras for daily empowerment:

  • I am capable.
  • I am a creative individual.
  • I love my body, mind, and spirit.
  • I can do anything that I set my mind to.
  • I lead a life full of passion and fulfillment.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • Vam (chanting, repeat in meditation, write on a sticky note)

I hope that you have gained a bit of knowledge, as well as a sense of excitment for you svadhistana chakra. We have only scratched the surface of what lives within this energy center. I encourage you to set some time aside for the next week to explore with any of the practices above that resonate.

My intention is to share my own learnings from my journey so far. If you are looking for a goal this week then I ask for you to join me! Try just one of the practices above for the remainder of the week.

Stick to what you set out for yourself.

Take 5-10 minutes each day (or more) for a daily reflection on the practice. By the end of the 7 days add an entry on the overall experience, any learnings, or insights. Feel free to read over the entire week again and see if there are any patterns or nuggets of wisdom you may learn from.

Remember that you are worthy of healing, health, happiness, and self acceptance. May this post be a reflection of all that you are capable of and how your svadhistana works to support you.

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