Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara or Root Chakra.

Over the course of the next few weeks there will be 7 blog posts to discuss our main energy centers, otherwise known as the chakras. Starting with our base chakra the muladhara, otherwise known as the root.

The furthur we delve into this sacred study the more we may begin to uncover about ourselves. When deeping our relationship with the energetic centers of the body our behavhiors, patterns, choices, and conditionings begin to make sense. Each moment presents an entirely new opportunity to assess what is arising within us- and most importantly where these energies may be emerging from.

If you are not all that familiar with the chakra system a key takeaway is that each chakra governs it’s own area of the body, an element, a color, and our basic needs.

Lets cover some basics before getting juicy:

Location: Base of the spine. More specifically areas around our pelvis and genitals being the perineum, around the coccyx, and the pelvic floor.

Governs: Nervous system- activates adrenals for fight or flight mode

Element: Earth

Themes: survival, security, stability, grounding

Sense: Smell

Color: Red

Mantra: Lam, I am safe, I belong here

When Balanced: grounded, energetic, connected to the body, healthy boundaries, humility, security, stable

When Unbalanced: insecure, scarcity, anxiety, feeling unable to change, low self-esteem, feeling stuck or stagnent, digestive issues

Our muladhara holds such importance, as this energy center begins forming while we are in the womb, all the way up to our first year of life. As we are young we require our enviornment to provide us with nurturing, support, stability, love, and foundational needs. Many of our balanced or unbalanced habits and actions link back to during this stage of our development.

Of course throughout our lives as we grow and develop through each stage of life our energy centers are always there with us. Our chakras are part of our growth and expansion.

So our healing comes down to much more than just our first year of life! However we must be willing to look at the entirety of our timeline, especially during our time of development for the muladhara.

How are adrenals connected to the muladhara?

From covering the basics we are aware now that the muladhara is located at our base. Between our anus and perineum (what a visual), radiating out and around our entire pelvic region. Which starts to make a lot of sense, since the element for our muladhara is the earth. This begins to paint the picture of how our adrenals revolve around this chakra, for they belong to our foundational survival insticts.

Our sympathetic nervous system triggers our fight of flight response. This response takes place in the nervous system, triggers us, giving our body the energy needed to take action on real or precieved dangers. Many of us in the busy western world react out of our sympathetic system due to busy lifestyles.

This puts our bodies into chronic modes of stress which are detrimental to ones health. Chronic stress or states of extreme anxiety have a major impact on the mind, body, spirituality, and overall health.

You could see how many of the symptoms steam from an unbalanced muladhara relate to a our basic foundational needs. We must begin at the foundations, for many of us these basic needs require our attention.

In cases of sympathetic response we will require a sense of grounding, saftey, and stability to support a parasympathetic system response. Ideally we enter into our parasympathetic to conserves our vital energy to allow for rest and recovery. Which in turn will mean we are able to live our lives with more ease.

The more we return to practices that support the muladhara, the more we are breaking down the brains habitiual reaction loop. We can break the cycle of habit and thought by practicing repetitive action. Replacing the old loop cycle with new thoughts and actions, to align ourselves with reactions and habits we wish to form.

Each time we incorperate one, or a few of the practices listed below we create new neurons in the brain. These new connections will support our newly fromed reactions, thoughts, and habits.

*Please remember to be kind to yourself through the process. There will always be stages in life where we notice balance and unbalance within any of the chakras. Healing or understanding ourselves takes time, dedication, and work. Just keep on keeping on with the practice in whatever shape and form that may look like for you!

Practices to support the muladhara- (outside of yoga)


  • Deep belly breathing with focused inhalation and exhalation
  • Walking barefoot
  • Hiking
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Yoga outside or low to the ground
  • Dancing
  • Eathing foods from the earth


  • Feeling comfortable in your home/enviornment
  • Fullfil daily needs of food/hydration
  • Start a savings account
  • Connect with friends, communities, and local groups.
  • Therapy method of choice

Smell: (theraputic grade essential oils)

  • Cedarwood
  • Frankinsense
  • Vetiver
  • Sandalwood


  • Color therapy
  • Wearing red
  • Paint or draw with red watercolor/pencils
  • Meditate or decorate your space with red carnelian crystal or red jasper
  • Add nourishing red foods onto your plate at mealtime

Mantra: Add into your meditation practice 5-20 minutes

  • Repeat Lam on each breath (or pattern that works for you)
  • Recite “I am safe” with deep belly breaths in times of anxiety
  • Recite “I belong here” as needed

This concludes an introduction into the muladhara chakra energy center. I hope that this information landed for you today and provided some sort of learning or insight!

Just remember that we all experience both the balance and unbalance of each chakra center. Duality is an interwoven experience throughout our lifetime. Just remember that the more we delve into our practice, the more we can begin to understand where our unbalances may be rooted from. Empowering us with the knowledge of how to support our own healing. That being said don’t ever be afraid to reach out for support, professional help, or guidance from people you trust.

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